Sapar AlLabi - Pferdemarkt Pferd Nr. 1141337 - Kaliningrad region ((RU) Russland)

Pferdemarkt Pferd Nr. 1141337
Pferdename Sapar AlLabi
Rasse Achal-Tekkiner Achal-Tekkiner
Geschlecht Hengst
Alter 5 Jahr(e)
Stockmaß 160 cm
Farbe Amber champagne
Standort Kaliningrad region ((RU) Russland)
Preis auf Anfrage 3.000,00 €
Eignungen Vielseitigkeit


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Alyona Labetskaja


238400 Kurortnoye settlement, Pravdin



Handy +79211026057

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Stallion of the Akhal-Teke breed

I sell the stallion of the
Akhal-Teke breed, born in 2014, nickname- Sapar AlLabi (father Jamulat - mother
Sarin).Height at the withers is 160 cm. Young, handsome, good-natured. He is
broken-in. Now we started him under the saddle. Suitable for the soul or as a
stallion-producer. To use in sports is impossible, since there was non-serious
injury of the front right leg, and now the leg does not fully extend. We jump
on him up to 100 cm, we don't risk higher than that. He has a passport for a
stud-horse, of a thoroughbred Akhal-Teke horse. 
If you are interested in a
horse, please write to my translator Olga in the E- mail:


Jamulat Abstammung  
1143 Ashug Abstammung  
1054 Gylkuyruk Abstammung  
721 Kaplan Abstammung  
1555 Keliata Abstammung  
2097 Azalea Abstammung  
968 Pursat Abstammung  
1896 Algush Abstammung  
2709 Dessa Abstammung  
1099 Serasker Abstammung  
919 Sere Abstammung  
1652 Sayat Abstammung  
2721 Dilshat Abstammung  
943 Arslan Abstammung  
1769 Dortbaytal Abstammung  
Sarin Abstammung  
Alatau 28 Abstammung  
1143 Ashug Abstammung  
1054 Gylkuyruk Abstammung  
2097 Azalea Abstammung  
2582 Ankara Abstammung  
1218 Koshili Abstammung  
2580 Angema 12 Abstammung  
2941 Surat 5 Abstammung  
995 Kersey Abstammung  
896 Keroghly Abstammung  
1603 Maya (Maysa) Abstammung  
2465 Sulgun 13 Abstammung  
883 Kaltaman Abstammung  
1652 Sayat Abstammung  

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